2024-2025 Dance Year


Here, you’ll find essential information regarding registration, tuition, dress code, attendance expectations, and more. Please review these policies carefully to ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience for both you and your dancer.

Every age level is different. We offer a variety of genres including Tap, Ballet, Jazz, Contemporary/Lyrical, and Hip Hop.

Age 2 (must be potty trained) through Adult.

We recommend dancers are 2.5 by September when possible.

Registration is $80/dancer for the 2024-2025 dance year.

Family discounts applied.

Registration fees are non-refundable.

Tuition is not based on single lessons or by the month, it is a yearly fee covering the dance year, which begins the Monday following Labor Day and ends the day of dance revue.

Allowance is made for holidays in the total figure.  Monthly fees will be paid via our Customer Portal which is linked to our website.

On the 10th of each month all payments will automatically be drafted from a bank account or a credit card that is linked to your online account.  If you choose not to draft your account, payments must be paid in cash or check by the 10th of each month. 

Accounts paid after the 10th will incur a $15 service charge. Accounts that are one month past due must be brought up to date before the student is able to return to class.

A $25 charge will be assessed for all NSF checks.

We understand that periodically, temporary financial problems may affect timely payments. We encourage you to communicate any such problems as soon as possible in order to make arrangements for an alternate payment schedule.

Tuition is due by the 1st of each month. All credit cards on file are run on the 10th of the month if not yet paid. If accounts are paid after the 10th of the month, there will be a $15 late fee applied to the account balance.

Accounts are considered delinquent after 30 days.  If an account reaches 60 day delinquency, the balance will be sent to a collection agency and the dancer will be removed from the studio.

There is a $25 returned check charge for any checks returned by the bank. All accounts MUST have a credit card on file, but payment by Cash or Check is accepted. 

All students are grouped according to ability, and changes are made if necessary.

Friends, age, and previous dance experience do not influence classification.

Students are allowed to wear shoes until outgrown regardless of color or style, however, all students must have required shoes for competition, pictures, and revue.

Dancers must dress appropriately for all dance classes. Shorts, jeans, t-shirts, socks, school uniforms and athletic uniforms are not acceptable.

If your child is habitually dressed inappropriately for dance class, she/he will not be allowed to dance and you will be phoned to pick up your child.

Shorts and pants with the word “dance” are intended to be worn as cover-ups and leisure wear.

All cell phones must be turned off during class. If a student’s cell phone rings during class or if the student is caught texting during class, the cell phone will be confiscated.

The phone will only be returned to a parent.

Dancers must dress appropriately for class.

(Those students attending ballet as a separate class day and time must adhere to the following dress code. Junior II, Junior Advanced, Advanced, and all Company classes)

Regular attendance is stressed! Any student missing class must call or bring a note to the studio by the following week.

At times absences cannot be avoided. However, missing class is unfair to the remainder of the class because progress is slowed down.

Anyone with more than five absences will not be allowed to participate in the dance revue. Students who do not know their dances will not be allowed on stage.

Costumes will be ordered for all students during the fall. Accounts must be paid through November in order for costumes to be ordered.

Costume fees are non-refundable once the costumes have been ordered. 

Your dancer will be sized during their class in October.  Everyone is billed a non-refundable $75 Costume Deposit in October.

The remaining portion of your Costume Fee is included in your tuition.

The revue will be held annually at the Heymann Performing Arts Center.  Revue dates are listed on the Important Dates tab of the website.

Each family participating in the revue will pay one revue fee per year in order to help defray the rental of the Heymann Performing Arts Center, scenery, props, pyrotechnics, etc.

Each family paying a revue fee will receive four tickets per family, one revue program per family, one digital copy of the show per family, and one revue t-shirt per child.

Your Revue Fee is factored into your monthly tuition.

Dance Graphics will have reserved seating at the Heymann Performing Arts Center for revue. Graduates will have first choice seats. All other families will receive tickets based on seniority and dance class. More information will be distributed in March.

All finale rehearsals and general rehearsal at the Heymann Performing Arts Center are mandatory.

Dance Graphics will observe the following holidays. Check the Dance Graphics calendar online for closures.

There will be no deduction in tuition for the dates listed above.
We are open for parent-teacher conference, voting, and teacher in-service days.

In the event of a hurricane, flood, freezing conditions, etc. Dance Graphics will notify via email regarding closings.

We attend many conventions during the dance year and will offer students the opportunity to attend these conventions with us. 

This gives dancers the opportunity to take classes with master teachers from all over the United States and compete for dance scholarships.

Dance Graphics Company attends dance conventions and competitions throughout the year.

Auditions will be held the first weekend of August.  The fee to audition for DGI Company is $20 and is due the day of Auditions.

There are separate policies for dancers in DGI Company.  More info can be found on the Company Tab of our website.

Students should arrive dressed according to the dress code and with all necessary hair accessories and extra shoes in a small dance bag.

Students’ names should be on every item, especially dance shoes, dance bags, and book bags. The staff will assume no responsibility for lost or misplaced items.

Proper respect for the director, staff, studio, curriculum, fellow students, and facility is expected of all students, parents, and siblings, on or off-site.

When participating in a studio event, performance, out-of-town excursion, or when wearing the studio logo, acceptable behavior is as important as dance ability. Misbehavior and disrespect will not be tolerated.